Yesterday vs. Today

Yes, that is me. Standing in a field. Smiling back at you. Because I am starting a blog.

Yesterday, I started a blog. Oh, you weren’t aware? Yep, that’s right! I opened my computer. I Googled “how to make a blog”. I ran across Mike Wallagher’s site:, and I thought, “This is it! This is the ticket! I am going to be a blogger!” Yesterday, I called my sisters and my best friends to let them know that I was in the throes of starting a blog. Yep, me. Little old technologically incompetent me. I was joining the ranks of internet participators, prolific blog producers, ample armchair authors, running for my piece of the Interweb.

My friend said with chagrin, “Well, howdy partner! Welcome to the twenty-first century!” And we laughed together because she was right, and I was starting a blog in 2015, not 2005. It looked similar to this (see image below), except I had missed the opening date by 10 years or so.

The Land Run of April, 22, 1889.

Yesterday, I went back to MY blog, proceeded to spend one hour trying to figure out how to link my Instagram profile to my blog profile (Cause that is where it all starts, folks! Linking your Instagram to your blog like the pros!), and came out the other end of that endeavor tired, irritated, eyes dilated, and pretty convinced I was not going to be starting a blog. Ever.

Today. Today I started a blog. Again. Today my husband sent me an email titled “Made me think of your blog. Go get it baby!” Enclosed was a link to this story: Read it if you have a moment, but a little spoiler follows. Basically my husband, through the voice of Richard Paul Evans, was encouraging me not to over think this whole blogging business. He was telling me to cross the street and stand on the white X. X marks the spot.

So here you have it. My first ever blog post! X.

Cheers to today!

X, Megan

5 thoughts on “Yesterday vs. Today

    1. Behind, are you kidding me! No way! And didn’t you read my post about being 10 years behind. LOL. Thanks for reading my blog! I just entered the 21st century (15 years late!). Welcome, Janet!


  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! For some reason this made me smile and cry. I think because I just love you sooooo much! I cannot wait to read more of your beautiful thoughts here, sweet sister. xoxo xxxx

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