The White Shirt: A Buyers Guide


1. Brooks Brothers Fitted Non-Iron Dress Shirt

This non-iron fitted dress shirt falls at the top of many, many BEST WHITE SHIRT lists I came across online. The cotton is a  substantial weave (but not so heavy you couldn’t wear it for a summer picnic) and stays true to it’s non-iron nature. I for one, can add my vote here, although I don’t currently have one of these babies in my closet.

I did rock one of these in college and for lack of appropriate washing, I’m sure, the collar and cuffs became too yellowed to wear. That said, I got so many fabulous wears out of this shirt, and for me the non-iron fabric was a dream come true. I’m more the know-your-neighborhood-dry-cleaner kind of a gal than the get-out-the iron type.

2. J.Crew Endless Shirt

You’ve heard my feelings about the stripped sister to this white in shining cotton shirt here. But let me say, I may have to get me some of this long, dreamy white tail soon! The cotton on this shirt is a good quality. Not heavy, but not too sheer. It’s an instant classic, even with the lengthened shape.

And I have seen some awesome swim cover-up/tunic action going on with this shirt, even over shorts, here. I believe you can still snag it at 25% off plus free shipping here!

3. Thomas Mason for J.Crew Mandarin-Collar Tuxedo Shirt

I have to include this shirt in the line-up for so many reasons. 1, I LOVE a good tuxedo shirt for GUYS or GALS. I think they are WAY more flexible and fashion friendly than people make them out to be. Tomorrow’s post features yours truly in a white tux shirt, but I’ve dressed it way, way down with a ball cap (with heels and a lot of bling, mind you)!

So check back here tomorrow to see that look. The other thing I dig about this particular shirt is that rather than adding busyness to the shirt, I think the bib and the mandarin-collar actually stream line the look of the shirt. Those accents make it look even more clean and put-together, if that’s possible.

4. Equipment Signature Silk Shirt

I have to say that my affair with silk dates back quite a time. My Grandmother wore the most outrageous colors, patterns, and textures of silk– charmeuse, crepe de chine, chiffon– she did not discriminate. And don’t those silk types just SOUND lush. Delicious. I can never forget the time she came to a Christmas party with two earrings pinned on the lapel of her blouse. But that is neither here nor there. Let’s just say that we didn’t emulate that particular accessory choice EVER! I digress.

The great thing about this shirt is that it is actually as interchangeable in your wardrobe as the cotton variety. Maybe a bit more muggy on humid days, definitely NOT as kid-friendly as its cotton counter-parts. Ah, but the drape! The way if feels against your skin! Cannot. Replicate.

5. Madewell Oversized Side-Button Shirt

This oversized version of the white shirt is similar to the one in this outfit post. It has been one of my best white shirt purchases to date. The billow and flow are simply fun to wear, and cover a host of ills including (but not limited too) muffin top, all-about-that-bass bottoms, too much dinner, stretch marks on your stretch marks, flapping underarms, and unkempt overall appearance. How? Because the classic appearance of the collar and the bohemian vibe of the bottom just keep everything together. It’s a good harmony.

6. Ralph Lauren Men’s Non-Iron Dress Shirt

Now I’ve already admitted to raiding my man’s closet. One thing that I reach for over and over are HIS white shirts. They create a similar affect to the shirt mentioned above, BUT they usually have a more boxy, classic fit. No women’s tailoring over there, or not often. Even his slim fit shirts are just enough oversized that the look is at once polished and sexy, a little business a little wardrobe play. Very nice. Try it out and tell me what you think!

7. Asos Only White Woven Shirt

This shirt made the list for a few reasons. First is its price. Just right. Not too expensive, not budget breaking. It’s a shirt you can stomach on the bank card bill. The other is the almost linen-like weave of the cotton. Sometimes you have to keep things as light as possible. Let in as much air as possible. Wear as little as possible!

I know you’ve all had those days. Whether its the oppressive muggy-ness of a Virginia summer, the sweltering temps of Arizona, the breezes you don’t want to miss coming off of the Pacific, or the still-deep heat of midnight in the South. This shirt is the ticket. (Or any other linen version for that matter.)

8. Gap Tailored Shirt

This shirt is the one featured in this post. It is also a reasonably priced buy (and I think it is on sale now, as well). This is about as classically cut as you get for a women’s white shirt. The tail is not to short, not too long. Still able to be tucked into a pencil skirt, or worn with short on the weekend. Love it!

9. Topshop Neat Cotton Shirt by Botique

I would be remiss to leave a direct British buy out of this guide. I had to add this “Neat Cotton Shirt” by Topshop because of its roots, as well as the unique cropped cut of the shirt. Let me say that no one need shy away from the NEW crop of crop-tops. Before you shudder, wait! I’ll explain. YOU too can pull-off a crop top. You simply don’t have to pull it off in the same manner as the Forever 21 crowd (and there are plenty of woman friendly pics at F21, I promise).

The key here is proportions, angles, and layers, folks. If you wouldn’t dare bare your mid for modesty and also personal fear purposes, all you need to do is pop a top UNDER your crop-top! I can see this white shirt layered with a flawy striped tank top underneath. Or a sheer slip cascading down the back or turning your Little Black Dress into a whole new animal simply by layering this baby on top! Outside the box, but not outside fashion’s realm.

I’d love for you to try this and hear your feedback here! I’ll leave you to the list, but if you do have questions, comments, insertions, or grammatical errors to air (hi, mom!), feel free to add a comment to this post. It’s not simply a list, it’s a jumping off point!

Have a great Wednesday!

XX, Megan

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