Linen Boy Shirts: Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow





Let’s pretend these photos were snapped somewhere exotic– Kolkata, Tarragona, Mexico City. Preferably somewhere warmer than this 30 to 60 degree finicky Spring. Maybe then I could justify my linen shirt and mirrored sunnies. So yes, let’s pretend.

Listen, I’m not complaining. I am really enjoying the dramatic temperature swings, one day a sweater the next day a sundress. Hang in there and rely on those layers! If you notice my white knuckles gripping this straw bag, it’s only the wind chill. I’m just freezing. Cold. Tomorrow it will be different. Tomorrow will be sunny and 60 with a low breeze. C’est la vie, Spring!

May your Saturday be filled with sunshine, literally or figuratively!

XX, Megan

DSC_0249 - Version 2


Shirt: J.Crew (mens), Pants: J.Crew, Shoes: Frye Huarache (same, similar, save), Bag: Target (old, love this one!), Sunglasses: Oakley, Ring: Vintage, Cuff: Vintage, Lips: Buxom White Russian

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