Classics: Refined + Rugged On Pinterest

Classics April 2015 Well, it’s Monday. Yes. And while I really wanted to barrage you with some more photo log fabulousness of our trip into the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, moderation calls for a break in that action. Am I right?

You can read my free verse chant here. Check out my picture log here. I will be finishing off with a recap of this trip with a day-by-day travel log on Friday. Today I wanted to talk two things 1) Classics, and 2) Pinterest. Let’s actually begin in reverse order and talk Pinterest for a moment.

I draw your attention to the adorable widget below, that now infamous red and white button. If you click this baby, it should send you to my account over on said site, Pinterest. I have arranged several boards of fun items for you to peruse.

Many of them are style based (even a board for “Him”), but I also have a board for food, words, and even a DIY category that I entertain on occasion (I swear some day I WILL make those rock bookends for my home. Like, SOON)! I like Pinterest because previous to this ingenious site I was emailing myself all of the links to these categories and boards anyway! Literally.

I’d find something I liked on the inter webs and send myself an email about it. Just a little personal reminder. The problem there is two fold. First, I would often forget what I titled the email to myself, and be hunting around the email search for long periods of time.

Second, I often forgot to simply add a picture of the item to my link so that I knew what the actual item, recipe, project looked like that so sparked my interest. As some of you may have found, links do not always live forever. I’d stumble across something in my email archive I’d want to cook, or wear, or recreate, and darn if the link was old, or dead, or inactive and I didn’t remember specifically enough what was in that unconnected connection to find it again!

Check out Rugged + Refined over on Pinterest!

Anyway, on to the classics. Caveat: everyone’s classics are different. I realize that some of the pieces I’ve stored in this category may not seem “classic” to some. A buffalo check coat, for example, may seem more “trendy” than “classic”. I simply have a hankering for buffalo check all the time, so I stocked it away in Classics because to me, it always will be!

Honestly, just like the Jennifer Anniston hair of the 90s that we all thought would never die. There are some classics that may not live forever. Dark wash skinnies are still going strong, still on my list of all. the. time.

I really hope they never die as a fashion staple, though some already decry and predict otherwise. They still hold an important place in my closet. Who am I to predict what my grandchildren will wear on their hover-boards? Sadly, it may not be a chambray shirt, black jeans, and a string a pearls.

But I do think there are style staples that have an ALWAYS tag, and a gorgeous string of pearls are one of those. Invest once. Pick your size of pearl, necklace length, and wear ON!

Beginning with the jacket in the top right corner, moving clockwise and finishing off with the gorgeous pearl necklace in the center the links are as follows:  Jacket, Tote, Camisole, Heel, Dress, Watch, Striped Shirt, Belt, Chambray Shirt, Earrings, Loafers, Pearls.

Add your favorite pair of jeans (skinny or otherwise), a rocking pair of sunnies, a simple white T, and you’re ready for anything. What are some of your classic style staples? Make it a good Monday!

XX, Megan

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