Color: Spectrum Science


Look at these two awesome little creators about to get their color on. The sunglasses were upon request. “It is toooooooo BRIGHT to look at you!” And don’t worry. Mr. M switched his out for red later on because he can.

Today we’re talking about the COLOR spectrum on our Science Friday post. Thanks to our awesome Kiwi Crate subscription.

A COLOR spectrum (the following is the unscientific definition) is a band of color like you would see in a rainbow. This spectrum is produced when light is broken into its composite colors according to the different degrees of refraction. Kiwi Crate put together an awesome project to TEST the color spectrum of some of the color.

We set out to find out what colors blue, orange, gray, green, and brown looked like when broken into their spectral parts! Come along and check it out!

First, as always, we gathered our supplies. Of course with Kiwi Crate this is a cinch! Everything came in our crate but the WATER!

Mr. M is holding 5 cups to hold the water, a pack of parchment paper rectangles, a set of markers, a length of rope, a packet of clothespins. These last two items aren’t part of the experiment. They will be used to beautifully display your findings!


Second, we lay out the hand-dandy “mess mats” Kiwi Crate included and got to work. We filled each cup with water. Each child got five parchment rectangle. We folded each rectangle in half and colored a thick, bold strip of color right next to the fold in the middle of the paper.

Then we put one end of the paper into the water. Allowing the colored section to hang out.


Third, we waited for the magic to happen. This took a minute or more. So it felt like we waited for a long, long time ;).



Fourth, we talked about the colors we saw that were “appearing” as the original color we had markered on met up with the water. Then we circled the colors on the spectrum that we saw.

Fifth, we tied our ropes together, and strung them along the porch. The kids helped to carry the pieces of paper over and we carefully attached them with the clothespins to the rope.


Sixth, we have now dubbed our home The Rainbow Palace. Said with a bright, shiny, mystical voice. The Rainbow Palace! Have a totally awesome Friday!

XX, Megan


P.S. Kiwi Crate is geared for kids ages 4-8. If you happen to have older kids, you should also check out Kiwi Crate’s NEW line of crates for older children. Tinker Crate, and Doodle Crate. If you happen to have younger kids, check out Koala Crate! This post is not sponsored or in partnership with Kiwi Crate. We simply love the product! Thanks!

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