Mondays in May, Get Moving: Rest, Relaxation, and Remembrance



Finishing off my series Mondays in May, Get Moving! Today is a the perfect end-cap to our go, go, go get moving this month because today is all about REST. Literally.

In any good workout or training regimen perhaps the easiest piece to gloss over is not the actually working out– moving, running, biking, hiking, paddling, walking, weight lifting– it is more commonly the REST that we forget to infuse into our routine.

Here again, there are copious amounts of articles and information about the importance of rest and rejuvenation as you work hard to shape your body: here, here, here, here, here.

Rest is key to any workout regimen because this recovery time gives your body the chance to maximize all of the work you have done. Rest also doesn’t mean that you need to sit around on the couch all day. Take the chance to take a break from your more rigorous workouts by spending some quality time engaging in fun, relaxing activities with family and friends. Could there be a better time to do this than on a National Holiday?!?

The other, even more important piece of this day, Memorial Day, is REMEMBRANCE. Today we remember the service men and women who have served our country in any and every capacity. We remember others of our dearly departed. We visit gravesides and place flowers. We contemplate the great circle that is life.

Today I am grateful for my Grandfather, Earl Erwin Burnison. Earl served in the navy during World War II on the USS Mt. McKinley. We are grateful for his service to us and his service to our country. Grandpa on this Memorial Day, and always, we REMEMBER.


We also RELAX! Here are some of the things we’ve done this weekend to relax and celebrate with friends and family.

Mountain drives, marshmallow roasts, multiple train rides, a trip to the zoo, and a barbecue in the garage to escape the rain! (Photos below.)

Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

XX, Megan












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