Picture Perfect, No Pictures


You know those moments that are picture perfect. The moments you want to remember every detail of for as long as you remember anything. Moments like your wedding day, the birth of your children, stepping into your first house for the first time, that rejuvenating tropical vacation?

Sometimes the moments you want to remember are micro, seemingly so small, but SO IMPORTANT. The surge of love and energy and safety in your partner’s embrace on a bad day, the joy that rises and swells when your child smiles at you with that light in their eyes that lets you know that everything is right with them and therefore everything feels absolutely right, the beauty of a landscape or vista that takes your lungs and seems to compress them into your heart with the grandeur, the achingly gorgeous manifestation of the natural world.

Once in a rare while we capture those moments on film, in picture– trying to hold the joy, and love, and beauty closer. Sometimes those moments and memories are simply for the living, the act of being part or experiencing them is our gift.

My husband, Perry, surprised me this past weekend with a party. It was an unbirthday party of sorts because my actual birthday falls during the winter. He told guests that he wanted to throw me a proper birthday party, but it was so much more than that. If I backlogged all of the reasons the PEOPLE– friends, family, neighbors, soul companions, and superior humans– in this moment were and are important to me it would fill some pages, for sure.

I just wanted to record here in my little piece of inter-space that it was one of the most magical evenings I have lived. Perry and his mom made ALL of the food (I am so proud of him!). From a killer queso recipe, to fresh guacamole, to a delicious arugula pesto salad, to bite size italian caprese skewers, every bite was delicious!

Our backyard, the space Perry has put so much time and effort into over the summer, was in fine form. Complete with the latest addition of a natural gas fire pit and gorgeous built in benches. The air was fresh, and filled with the sound of everyone’s children playing and laughing and trying to decide what part of the feast they would take to the “tree house”. (My boys have been working on ‘building’ a treehouse in a seriously overgrown bush at the end of the street, apparently it’s turning into a home-away-from-home.)

Then there were the guests. People from every part of my life, each beautifully walking their lives. New friends, old friends, and friends who I’d always hoped would meet others of my friends. The smiles, the happiness, the chance to nibble and nosh and catch up with all of these wonderful people was the best part of it ALL– PRICELESS. Thank you to all those who came whether 500 yards or nearly 3,000 miles.

All of this and so much more, and not ONE picture got taken of the event (that I know of). Besides a selfie of some of my girl friends and I. It made me smile a bit. It reminded me that sometimes the sweetest moments in life are only recorded in memory, only locked in our hearts and minds for us to carry, to cherish, to pick up and hard or long or seemingly insurmountable days and refresh us once again.

So in the spirit of LIFE, I’ve complied some of my favorite life pics from lately. No pictures from the party, but a lot of goings on and goodness.

I hope your summer has been sweet, and that you feel celebrated in your everyday!

XX, Megan


Sometimes friends bring you fresh flowers and it makes your MOMENT! DAY! WEEK! Thank you Bart and Jeanette Scheuller!


Laugh out loud. Maybe my car is trying to tell me something. “Keep those kids away from my receiver hitch, darn it!”


More stripes than I care to admit, perhaps, but NO APOLOGIES! I LOVE STRIPES!


This salad is quickly becoming a summer staple, along with another chopped salad that my friend David generously shared with ME! (Recipe coming soon to the blog!)


My inner geek is having a party for the fly by that New Horizons did of Pluto this morning! We’ll be coming back to this proto-planet on Friday, and I still wish that dear Pluto hadn’t been demoted. I remember going into the Air and Space Smithsonian after Pluto was down-graded and seeing the empty display (no joke) that once contained Pluto’s stats and facts. Sad day then, but this latest picture fest is a happy encounter for us planetary geeks and freaks! Go Pluto!


Sno-cone addicts! Almost everyday at every spot around town, I refuse to pick a favorite!


Bikes. We are loving the Weekly Race Series. A Wednesday race for adults and kids of all ages. Thank you to Euclid Timbers and others for sponsoring this awesome event!


More bikes.




More lake!


This lovely lady also conspired to surprise me! Thank you, Melanie for traveling 2,902.7 miles with your littles to hang out with us! Showing up on my porch on a random Wednesday really was the most wonderful surprise a gal could as for! A gift, a treasure, we had the best time EVER!




More fish.


There he is. The guy who really knows how to make the magic. I’d gush on, but he might blush. Suffice it to say that he is WONDERFUL! Thank you for the very merriest unbirthday bash! ❤

IMG_6560 - Version 2

Summer projects including duck-tape wallets for all the kiddos. Practically pointless, but always fun!

2 thoughts on “Picture Perfect, No Pictures

  1. Life is beautiful in that regard. Moments that are so special, so unique, so surprising with pure emotion, bliss, and happiness can never be captured. It was a magical time. You and your little life are inspiring, this blog doesn’t do you justice. TRULY A GEM IN THE MOST SPECIAL OF WAYS!!! Irreplaceable, mystical, magical, rare, and so much more! Thanks for capturing some of our moments! Love to you and your peeps!

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