Science Friday Sonnet: Ode to Pluto


Ode to Pluto

Alone 4 billion miles in the dark,
Probing further solar reaches than before,
New Horizons arrived at Pluto’s door.
All systems go and trained upon the mark,
All eyes and ears on Earth await to hark
NASA’s press releases and images, more
Pictures— crisp, clear—they resonate the core
Of humanity’s long fascination to embark
On Celestial travel into deeper space.
Discovering, exploring with great speed
Planets, stars, asteroids, moons to fill this need.
Pluto’s system was the long-destined place,
A generation mindful of the surge
Of joy that telescopes through space and time.



Let’s talk Pluto, shall we?????!?

What an epic adventure and journey we’ve seen unfold right before our very eyes this week! I am so stoked on the exciting images and information that New Horizons has and is sending back to Earth in our first ever close-up exploration of Pluto. What an incredible moment in history!!!

This week, we’ve been reading and researching a little bit more about Pluto. The boys loved this short film about New Horizons, its journey to Pluto, and the accompanying article. Below are some of the facts that we covered:




Happy Science Friday!!!

XX, Megan

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