Butterfinger Banana Cake


The recipe for this cake came from one of my dearest friends and college roommates. In fact, when dredging up the recipe recently I found an email chain I sent out in 2010 to find out “WHO HAS THE RECIPE TO THAT BUTTERFINGER BANANA CAKE?!?”

Cause, really, this might be my favorite cake of all time! Well, or at least tied with chocolate cake with coconut frosting. One of the reasons I hadn’t made this cake for some time was our second babies severe peanut allergy. We were so careful to clear out all of the peanut related EVERYTHING in our cupboards. I wouldn’t have let Butterfingers come within a mile of his proximity.

Now we have been cleared by his allergist to bring back the peanuts! In fact, at the reintroduction stage we were actually supposed to make sure that he was eating peanuts fairly regularly. Anyway, we whipped this cake up this weekend, and it was basically out of the oven and into our bellies!

When my little friend and I made our cake together, it was a REPEAT. Her most memorable comment was, “That batter kind of looks like barf!” She was right. I could have laughed for days. While the batter may appear less than delicious looking, I assure you that the final product is SO WORTH A TRY!

Moist, candy filled and topped. It really doesn’t get much better than this! You should really give it a whirl this fine Wednesday!

XX, Megan


1 yellow cake mix (plus ingredients for the mix)
2 bananas, mashed
1 package (fun size) butterfingers, crushed, roughly 10 for the cake and 6 on top
1 container vanilla frosting


1. Crush the 10 Butterfingers for the cake mix. Open packages and put them in a dish. Set aside.IMG_6793


2. Mash the banana in the bottom of the bowl you are planning on using to mix your cake. Then prepare cake according to directions on the box.


3. Once you have mixed up the cake mix. Add 10 Butterfingers. Mix well.



4. Pour in greased/floured 9 x 13 or 2 round pans. Bake according to directions on box, though your bake time may be a tiny bit longer. I baked this cake for 35 minutes.


5. Wait until cake cools then frost with Vanilla Frosting and sprinkle on 6 remaining Butterfingers.

6. DEVOUR!!!!

I am not even remotely joking about this step. Devour.

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