September Sweat Sessions: Workout 2

Alright! Wonderful friends and readers, are you ready for your next indoor cycling challenge?!?

Perfect for Labor Day, cause you can hit the road, hit the gym, hit your at-home recumbent, and pump this out and then call it a day!!!

I have affectionately titled this workout BY DEGREES. It’s an honest, straightforward, incremental hill climb with an increase in resistance every 3 minutes.

Workout below!


Workout 2:


For this workout you will need to pick THREE distinct gears. One, a medium gear. On your scale of resistance, 1-10, picture finding a gear in the 4-5 range. Something with more resistance than a flat, but definitely NOT a hill-climbing gear. This gear should allow you to keep up a consistent cadence of 90-110 RPMs.

Two, a middle-high gear. This gear will begin to feel like a you are climbing a hill, but this isn’t your Everest. You are looking for a 6 or 7 on your scale of resistance. Three, you will need to find a HEAVY gear. This is that 8% grade, that super steep pitch on the hill. This is where your legs are burning and you are reaching for the top of that climb!

You will maintain each of these “gears” for 3 minutes. So each interval is 3 minutes, with 3 levels of increasing resistance, making each set a total of 9 minutes long. You will cycle through this pattern– 3 minutes middle gear, 3 minutes middle-heavy climb, 3 minute HEAVY climb– 3 times. Each of your 9 minute sets will be followed by a 2 minute flush. You will remove all resistance for those 2 minutes. So let’s get started!

Warm-up: 3 minutes on a true flat, plus arm stretch. 6 minutes of pick-ups meaning one minute on, one minute rest. 3 minute practice climb. Beginning at that true flat add one gear every 30-45 seconds.

3 minutes, Middle Gear. A 3 or 4 on a 10 point resistance scale.

3 minutes, Mid-Heavy Gear. A 6 or 7 on a 10 point resistance scale.

3 minutes, HEAVY Gear. An 8 or 9 on a 10 point resistance scale.

2 minute flush.


Thanks for stopping by to sweat it out with me! I hope you are able to use this workout 2 to 3 times this week, and then sub in a couple of your other favorite workouts for the rest of the week!

Have a rockin Monday, an awesome Holiday, and a wonderful week!

XX, Megan

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