Black Bean Avocado Salad


It really doesn’t get any easier than this Black Bean Avocado Salad. Gather your ingredients. Chop up the produce. Mix the dressing. Combine, and you’re done!

I doubled this recipe and brought it to a late August barbecue a few weeks ago. It was a hit, as the entire contents were gobbled up! Serve it over greens for your healthiest option. You can also serve it as a side, on a burrito, or as a chunky salsa. Just add chips and you’re all set.

Hope your Wednesday is delicious! Thanks for stopping by!!!

XX, Megan


1 15 oz can black beans (reduced sodium if you can find them) drained and rinsed

1 C. corn (canned (drained), frozen, or from the cob)

2 Avocados

1/2 C. red onion

2-3 Tomatoes

1/2 C. Cilantro

1/2 Jalapeño (seeded and diced, I leave this out if I’m serving it for my children)


1/4 C. Vinegar

2/3 C. Oil

1 pkg Italian seasoning

Lime juice to taste

Mix all of the ingredients together. In a separate bowl, combine vinegar, oil, and italian seasoning packet. You can find these in the salad dressing isle. Pour the dressing over the bean mixture and mix gently. Finish with the juice of one lime over all!




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