September Sweat Sessions: Workout 3


This week’s workout is designed to get you up and out of your seat! That’s right, we’re going to be working on some cycling stands. One important note about a standing climb is that you need to make sure that you have enough resistance on your fly wheel to support your weight as well as your climb. In other words, you should be able to stand fully on your bike without the aid of your handlebars (in theory, for just a few seconds, this isn’t an acrobatic challenge) without feeling your knees collapse.

If you continue to need to support yourself of your handlebars, or your legs are wobbling under you it probably means that you need MORE resistance.

Another note is that this ride is meant to be steady. Maybe not SLOW, but it is not designed to test your speed. If you find that sweet spot at a resistance level of 7 (meaning that you are on a mid-heavy resistance on your bike), you should need to work hard through all of these minutes. Your Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) should match your resistance level on your bike– 7 (see the sliding scale below).


Push yourself to the top of each climb. Your quads and hamstrings should burn. You might sweat. You might be looking forward to that flush (where you pull all of the resistance off of your fly wheel for 1 minute). All of that is AWESOME! Don’t be afraid to push yourself. Don’t be afraid to work hard.

Workout 3


3 minute seated stretch

4 minutes of 30 second pick-ups. 30 seconds pick up your cadence. 30 seconds back to rest.

4 minute hill climb, adding gear every 30-45 seconds. Find a 6 or a 7 on if you are using resistance levels from 1-10 on your bike for your ride.


4 minute standing climb, 4 minute seated climb

1 minute flush

3 minute standing climb, 3 minute seated climb

1 minute flush

2 minute standing climb, 2 minute seated climb

1 minute flush

1 minute stand, 1 minute seated, 1 minute stand, 1 minute seated for 4 minute total. No flush in between.

1 minute flush

Repeat in reverse order, adding a minute to each stand and sit…

2 minute stand, 2 minute seated, 1 minute flush

3 minute stand, 3 minute seated, 1 minute flush

4 minute stand, 4 minute seated, 1 minute flush

Cool down. Spin for 2 minutes. Stretch all the way down.

HOME! You’re DONE!!!! You may be tired, but I hope you’re feeling STRONG! And I hope you have a body movin’ MONDAY!

XX. Megan


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