September Sweat Sessions: Check in 3


I didn’t really think you wanted to see another shot of the inside of a cycling classroom, amiright?!? So here’s some inspiration from the ACTUAL road. The climb. The grind. The mind. From a guy that cut off the top of his shoes so that he could finish the race!!!


Now we aren’t all at that level. That is all well and fine. We can’t all be Olympic athletes. But we can consistently work toward our PERSONAL body best. YOUR best is simply that– YOURS. You don’t have to walk someone else’s walk. You don’t have to eat someone else’s dinner. You don’t have to COMPETE or COMPARE yourself to anyone else.

You simply need to find a way to move your body, engage your body, and consume energy healthily!

I want to make sure that you are clear that the reason I’ve done the September Sweat Sessions, the reason I rolled out Mondays in May Get Moving has very little to do with pant size. It has EVERYTHING to do with health, happiness, longevity, and the enjoyment of the life you’ve created for yourself. (And it definitely had to do with the fact that the ice cream and I had a really great love affair this summer!)

Being fit. Being active is a LIFESTYLE. And it really is a style that everyone should wear.

So coming to the close of WEEK 3 of our September Sweat Sessions give yourself a pat on the back. If you’ve followed along since Monday, August 31st, we’ll be able to eek out 5 weeks of workouts in September. That’s 15 workouts already! That is a GREAT start or a great reset no matter where you are in your exercise spectrum.

I don’t know about you, but I already notice a difference in my physique. These changes are minute, small, maybe unnoticeable to others. But, again, it isn’t others who I am out to work for– this is for ME! This is so that I can play tag, and practice soccer, and climb trees, and jump between rocks, hike, bike, swim, climb, paddle, and be still. I want to breath, and laugh, and live all while feeling healthy, fit, and free to do the things life requires of my BODY.

Now is the time to check in with yourself. What portion of your goals did you accomplish this week? For me, simply maintaining my goal to workout everyday was enough. I have definitely done a better job of choosing healthy eating options over processed, sugar loaded, food-to-go. But I have definitely enjoyed a few sweets here and there (in case you didn’t see the Instagram of my 2 pound bag of Jelly Belly’s, NO I did not eat them all. YES, I could eat them all, but I let moderation reign me in.)

What are some tweaks you will make to your BODY MOVIN’ next week? Will you add in some resistance training? Will you sub a kick-boxing class for one of your cardio days? Will you do a circuit on the treadmill, elliptical, and stationary bike to mix it up? I can’t wait to hear how it’s going!

I hope you move into the weekend with plans to KEEP MOVING! Where will your motion take you this weekend? To the pool, lake, or river? To that mountain meadow you’ve been meaning to visit? To that 5K you’ve been training for? WAY TO GO!

Until Monday, keep that body movin’!!!

XX, Megan


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