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We’ve had family photos taken each year for five years or so. I love the work our friend Aubreigh has done each year, and this year is no exception. She did an awesome job*.

Besides capturing individual portraits of the boys which are 1000 times better than school photos, it has been fun to watch our family grow and change and age.

There was a moment last night when the boys were brushing their teeth and I just stared. Gazed at them, wondering how they grew so quickly from babies to boys. Wondering how those gorgeous, delicious, eight pound bundles had become these people who could brush their own teeth.

I’ve had those fleeting pauses, those frozen reflections before– tying a shoe, giving a hug, receiving a smile, watching a new developmental stage  or skill be obtained.

But I have to admit that sometimes it is not the excitement of the first bite of food, or the first word or step that gives me these glimpses into how far we’ve come together.

It is the little things that bring me the most reflection– the seemingly mundane. I get all filled up with the goodness, feeling, and immense intricacies of family. Like two boys, who were once tiny babies, now brushing their teeth side by side at the bathroom mirror.

Don’t even get me started on flossing ;).


XX, Megan

* These family pictures were taken by our good friend Aubreigh Parks. You can  see her site here, and her Facebook page here.

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