Fa-la-la-la-la Christmas Cards

Dickson Family 2015 Edited (Client Pics Color)-7 - Version 2

So I’ve already blown the surprise out on our family pictures this year, here. Thank you again to Aubreigh Parks for the wonderful snaps! You can learn more about scheduling your own family photo session here.

*Spoiler alert: I’m about to do the same with our family Christmas cards. Blow any anticipation you had of receiving one of these babies away like Autumn’s dried leaves.*

One really great eventuality of these kinds of family photo sessions (read: the reason we take family photos every year) is that we can then turn them into cards to send to our nearest and dearest.

I’m sure there are plenty of Family Photo Card poo-pooers out there. I mean, a good friend of mine has already begun publicly denouncing his hearing of Christmas music!

It’s December 4th, buddy, you’ve only got… practically an entire month to go. Good luck with your Scroogity Christmas tune distaste. All I am saying is that there are those who think all of this sending cards mumbo-jumbo is for the birds. Well you have your opinion, and I’ll have mine.


This year we chose to have our cards printed through Artifact Uprising, and we could not be more pleased with the results. You can read the story behind Artifact Uprising here.

I was so touched by their simple desire, not only to CAPTURE life in photo, but their concern with how we keep those memories or hold on to those moments after that picture has been taken. How will we conjure up those sweet snap shots on dead cell phones, or dinosaur computers, they ask?


This is it friends. Instead of leaving behind old cell phones and eventually un-charable computers we’ll be leaving behind pictures. Printed photos. Physical documents of some of the most special, priceless, beloved moments captured and then inked.

If you hurry, you’ll still be able to get standard shipping on most photo cards, photo books, and prints at Artifact Uprising. They also have awesome options for turning your photos in wall art.

Enough waxing on about photos, letters, and other printed paraphernalia. I’ve got letters to write, and stamp, and send. Now if I could just get my hands on a book of those adorable Peanuts Forever stamps!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.

XX, Megan

Dickson Family 2015 Edited (Client Pics Color)-11

P.S. Just in case you thought I really wrote my Cards surrounded by springs of Blue Spruce, the actually madness of my table is below. Complete with a dying floral arrangement.


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