At Home Cookie Bar


Oh my goodness! Get a load of this! Cookies! By the dozen! Well, really you can order them online (baked) by the dozen and the 2 dozens. Or you can track these babies down at any Harmon’s grocer, as well as the Whole Foods at Trolley Square, in SLC.

Or better still, these frozen dough balls come in ultra-adorable polka dot bags by the 1/2 dozen! So that’s six bake-at-home cookies from local super-entrepreneur RUBY SNAP! Three for you, and three for your husband to split with the kids, I say.

Yum! Oh! Ah! What fun!

Where to begin. At the beginning, I suppose! The year was 2011. The season was Christmas. Our first Christmas living here in the mountains to be precise.

The occasion was a family Christmas party. My sister and brother-in-law arrived with a bag. Several bags and a long box, and lots of little boxes if I remember correctly. Bags and boxes all covered with red polk dots.

They were all Ruby Snap Cookies! The most delectable cookies we have ever encountered! Who knows how many cookies I ate the night of that party. Too many, I’m sure.

Ruby Snap, at one time known as My Dough Girl, my sister tells me. Was started by Ruby herself. I don’t know more of the history, only that she continues to make cookie history with her incredible cookie recipes.

Each Ruby Snap cookie is named after a pinup girl of Ruby’s creation. For example, Penelope, is Ruby’s to-die-for peanut butter cookie. Margo, a chocolate cinnamon dough lightly sugared with a molten chocolate laced with peppermint center, is my favorite.

Dottie is December’s special gal with rich chocolate sour cream dough and peppermint buttercream frosting.

Fast forward four Christmases later, today, and we still hanker after Ruby Snap cookies during the Holiday season. But alas, we don’t make it out of little *hamlet enough to get to Ruby’s Headquarters for her fresh baked cocaine creations (kidding about the cocaine, but they are ridiculously addicting! Watch out!!)!

So instead we decided to throw our own little Ruby Snap Cookie Bar! I picked up an assortment (plus like 15 bags for friends) of Ruby’s frozen dough balls.

On a whim we invited friends for a party, preheated our oven to 350, let everyone choose their favorite GIRL, and the rest is HISTORY! I believe this particular night we enjoyed Virginia, Dottie, Trudy, Scarlett, and Margo. Ruby’s entire Menu is available HERE.

Happy eats!

XX, Megan

*Since writing this post I have learned that Ruby Snap cookies actually ARE fresh baked in my hometown. At Dottie’s Kolaches! 95 South Main Street in Heber, UT. 

When baking your RubySnap pre-portioned frozen cookies at home: REMEMBER! All ovens vary! Look for the “indications” instructions on the back of the freezer bag on how to bake by sight.

Your oven may take 14 minutes if it operates at a higher heat, or 20 minutes if it operates at a lower heat. 350 is not always 350 degrees. So, we give you clues, such as, baked cookies should be domed shaped like a muffin top, with gentle stretch mark, no cracks, and a dry surface and golden blonde in color.

That is when your cookie is done. We don’t want you eating a hockey puck, or globby glue. It is done when the cookie looks like the description on the bag.

Today I am baking in St. George for #Harmons Grocery Stores and I had to set the oven to 365 and bake for 20 minutes. That is your example, no two oven are created equal. HAPPY BAKING!


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