Thanksgiving Wardrobe Picks

Thanksgiving Wardrobe.jpg

Brown Sweater, Black Skinny Jeans, Beaded Top, Gold Velvet Top, Tee Shirt (similar), Black Spotted Top, Leather (Pleather) Skirt (similar)

Oh man! How long has it been? Too long! As always, friends, I’m over here trying to do the BLEND– creating meaningful space for the most important things in my life!! Something I frequently return to is that this space really IS meaningful to me. I may not have as much time as I once did to devote to editorial, but I certainly still enjoy pulling together a mix of life and style content. So here’s my latest guide to fall dressing with a special emphasis on Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving I’m keeping it casual. However, I’ve found that Thanksgiving often calls for special touches– a cozy sweater, a little bit of leather, and something with sparkle. This hint of sparkle is practically part of my genetic code as I remember back to my grandmother’s gold lame mumu she donned each Thanksgiving of my childhood. I’m really digging all of the golds, browns, and elevated neutrals that fall style invariably forecasts. Not only is fall extra-special when it comes to neutrals, you can also have fun adding texture and layers as the temps drop.

One thing about this style mash-up is that each of these pieces can be subbed in throughout the weekend to fit your schedule. Is everyone in your family wearing jeans and a tee shirt for dinner? Great! You’ve got a great graphic option. Are you heading out to a special performance or desert soiree? Fabulous, you’ll throw on your leather skirt and velvet top, plus leopard mules. Are you heading to a pre-feast neighborhood football game? Awesome. You can reach for a sweater, jeans, beanie, and cozy coat to keep you warm while you cheer on your mates. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Cozy Coat, Hat, Velvet Ribbons, Turquoise Ring, Birkenstocks, Sneakers, Leopard Mules, Rings, Oversize Jean Jacket

Thanksgiving Extras


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