NYE Sparkle: What to Wear to Ring in 2016

NYE Look 2

NYE Look 1:

Dress, Heels, Coat, Clutch

I’m back! Our internet woes have been solved, and today I’m bringing you FIVE sparkly options for NYE dressing. Plus, a perfect look if you’re headed to a friend’s house party, and some cozy pajamas if you’re staying in.

The links to each look are found below the image. Have a safe, fun, and Happy New Year!!!

XX, Megan

NYE Look 3

Look 2:

Cardigan, Heels, Clutch, Skirt

NYE Look 4

Look 3:

Dress, Heels, Scarf, Clutch

NYE Look 5

NYE Look 4:

Coat, Dress, Clutch, Heels

NYE Look 1

NYE Look 5:

Coat, Clutch, Dress, Heels

NYE House Party

NYE House Party:

Pants, Sweater, Flats, Clutch

NYE Pajamas

NYE Cozy Pajamas:

White, Striped, Herringbone, Plaid, Slippers

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