I Heart You

I Heart You 2

Yes. So… ubiquitous, predictable, passé. Perhaps. But isn’t there something so endearing, so sweet, so wearable about HEARTS?

I simply couldn’t help myself. I certainly hope I haven’t saturated you with this small offering because I have some wonderful ❤ heart wear to come in the next week or so.

Do you have Valentine’s Day traditions? With your love? With your friends? Like sitting around moaning about why society bothers to have a Holiday dedicated to love, amour?!? All over a heaping plate of nacho, I’m sure. 🙂

Have you already made plans for your day or night of love? Are there special somethings you do for your children?

Here’s to hearts, red, kisses, and a wealth of love symbols that cause a blush (or maybe a barf, depending on where you stand).

Happy Saturday, you lovely humans! Links below!

XX, Megan

Clockwise from Top Left

1. Marc Jacobs Heart Cross-body

2. Karen Walker Super Duper

3. Bauble Bar Nebular Collar

4. J.Crew Tippi Black and White Stripe

5. Madewell Octavia Sandal

6. Madewell Courrier Dress in Buffalo Check

7. Kate Spade Monday Cross-body

8. Mod Cloth It’s Mutual Tee

9. J.Crew Sloan D’Orsay Flat

10. Madewell Transport Tote

11. Bauble Bar Starcruiser Drops

12. Comme des Garcons Cardigan

13. Equipment Adalyn Heart Blouse

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