Fair Isle February


I had so many alternative titles for this post. Fair Isle, Not Fair Weather, Baby It’s (STILL) Cold Outside, or my personal favorite because Heaven knows I can’t help myself when it comes to alliteration: Gale Force Groundhog. And on that note…

Happy Groundhog Day, friends! I have yet to hear if the little bugger saw his shadow, or not. My son came home from school wishing for just two more weeks until Spring. But if these pictures give you any inkling, we’re VERY far from feeling or being Spring-like where weather is concerned.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am loving it. All the fashion mags have come out with their glossy photos of Spring attire. I usually fall for it, hoping that Spring is right around the corner. Not this year. This year I am committed to enjoying WINTER! I’m not saying it isn’t long. I’m not saying it isn’t gray, dark, and dismal at times. But this year, folks, we have SNOW!

Real snow! So while so many are looking forward, I am hanging on hoping that we’ll get a few more epic dumps of the white stuff. Plus, my sweater collection is out in full force. Where do you stand concerning the Groundhog and his Day? Are you wishing you were experiencing warmer temps? Or are you happy with your current climate status?

Have a terrific Tuesday, my friends!

XX, Megan



Coat: J.Crew (similar, similar, similar, similar), Sweater: Gap, Shirt: LOFT, Pants: Ann Taylor (self-frayed, see hem), Bag: J.Crew (similar, similar, save, splurge), Booties: TOMS, Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory, Lips: Stilla Lip Vinyl in Poppy

3 thoughts on “Fair Isle February

  1. Megan…I LOVE the look here, and of course, you look so darn good in everything you wear. But I love your style, girl! I am also loving the background, and I start to yearn a bit for the west…the wildness and rugged beauty- having mostly a few rolling hills here in the southern Boston area! I always thought Heber was truly “God’s country!” But as for winter here, we had sun and 55 degrees! After being buried in 6 feet of snow at this time last year, I’ll take it!

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    1. Marilyn,
      Thank you so much! Maybe you need some mountain time?!? We’d love to host you any time! Warm temps are always welcome. Plus, I remember the epic snow you got in Boston last year!!! Enjoy the mildness.

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