9 Unexpected Summer Wardrobe Show-Stoppers

9 Summer Wardrobe Show Stoppers

I love classic wardrobe pieces. Items that you can wear in a variety of seasons, for any number of activities or events, that hold their style appeal for years and years.

These are all perfect Summer wardrobe additions, but each can be worn in a variety of ways in a variety of different scenarios and seasons. That linen romper? Yes, it’s perfect for a beach day, but it can also be dressed up with a blazer and heels for date night. That striped button down? Yes, it’s perfect for the office, but throw on a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans and you’re ready for the Farmer’s Market.

Below are some of my Summer picks for a classy, classic take on warm weather dressing. Have a rockin’ Monday!

XX, Megan

1. Pick up a linen romper you can play around in.

The great thing about this particular romper is that it won’t break the bank! It comes in right under $40.00. Choosing a lower price point is a great way to try a new trend without having to commit extra dollars. So if you wear it for a couple seasons and then find out that rompers aren’t your thing, no sweat! Sell it on ebay. Give it to a friend. Take it to consignment. There are plenty of ways to up up-cycle your clothes in a sustainable manner.

2. Scoop up a new pair of skinny jeans.

Maybe jeans seem out of season as a Summer wardrobe staple. I realize that those of us in cooler climates are DYING to put on some shorts and ditch the extra layers. One thing I’ve found with skinny jeans is that sometimes it’s nice to hit REFRESH. Yes, it is fabulous to hang on to clothing until it bites the dust. I have several pair of jeans I’ve had since college. Score! But I have also noticed that couple of them are becoming stretched out, shapeless, and rather schleppy looking. Therefore, I’m in the market for a new pair of jeans this season.

3. Amp up every step with these starry sandals.

I have a thing for stars. Stars in the sky, stars on blouses, stars on jewelry, stars on your shoes! These sandals are a wonderful addition to any summer wardrobe. They’ll make even the simplest outfit more special. Even a jeans and tee combo looks sleek with a snazzy pair of starry footwear. Love!

4. Say yes to an easy shift dress.

I’ve spoken widely about how indispensable a great shift dress can be. One of the easiest ways to look pulled together without any hassle and hardly any thought involved is to go for your favorite shift dress. I happen to have chosen stripes because I’m a mega-fan, but you could just as easily go for a luxe tee shirt variety, here, or a floral version, here, or a modern graphic version, here.

5. Upgrade your striped button down.

I admit that I have my fair share of these striped staples in my closet. But maybe you don’t. If you are looking to add some panache to your everyday striped button down, consider this gorgeous upgrade by Comme de Garcons. The quality is top notch. Maybe you’re wanting to try your hand at a more minimal wardrobe. This shirt goes from business lunch, to beachside in a snap.

6. Sub in a white denim skirt instead of reaching for shorts.

I love shorts when the temps rise. They are, perhaps, the easiest replacement for your fall/winter jeans. But why not lean toward a little more polished alternative, the denim skirt? A skirt is just as easy to style up as that pair of shorts your reaching for, and it adds a couple of extra points on the preppy side of things. Try one and see what you think!

7. Grab the perfect carry-all tote.

This bag is a must-have for any busy guy or gal. It’s understated design pairs well with casual professional attire, and it’s a must for that weekend day-trip you’ve been meaning to take. I have the brown, tumbled leather version and have simply loved the versatility and usability!!

8. Choose a leopard print clutch for your next date.

This item is definitely a splurge, but sure to be in style for years to come. A clutch is an easy choice for date nights where you’d rather not bring a bulky purse. It is also an easy outfit amp-upper. Grab this little number to accentuate every garb from dresses, to casual tee shirt and jeans combos. It adds the perfect amount of flare to any ensemble. Enough said.

9. Give gingham a fresh vibe with an oversized print and boxy cut.

Gingham as a Spring and Summer pattern isn’t new, per se. But merging a more modern, boxy cut, and an oversized version of this playful print is a fun way to update your Summer look without trying too hard.

Extras: Invest in a pair of simple pearl studs. They go with everything, and you’re sure to wear them FOREVER!!

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