Rain Rain, You Can Stay


I really like rain. I like the way it smells– clean and fresh. I like the way it sounds– the pat-a-tap-pat of every drop. I like the way it looks– the sheen and shine of rivulets and puddles. Rain refreshes me, just like it brings new life to old winter ground.

But dressing for rain, that is a little harder, and here in the arid mountain regions of the West we actually don’t experience large amounts of rainfall. We accumulate our water in the winter months through snow pack. But look, rain!

This is so different from the rain and sog we were accustomed to when we lived in Virginia. In the East, everyone carries an umbrella, and everyone has a trench.

Here in the West we dodge in and out of rain showers, heads uncovered, sometimes sporting a Goretex coat, but I’ve probably seen more jackalope than umbrella. Some of us wear trenches. What about you? Love rain, like rain, detest rain?

Happy Tuesday!!!

XX, Megan




Umbrella: Totes, Trench: Banana Republic, Dress: J.Crew (this seasonsimilarsimilar, similar, similar, similar), Shoes: Gap (similar, similar, similar), Clutch: J.Crew, Necklace: Gorjana, Lips: Buxom White Russian

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