The Little White Dress Files


Friday, I’m in love with you! I’m also slightly enamored with the LWD– Little White Dress. I’ve featured white dresses on several occasions here on Refined + Rugged. The white eyelet dress above is still one of my favorites, view the post here.

I haven’t traced the style roots back far enough to know when these beauties came on the fashion scene as more than casual wedding frocks, but I find this style to be perfect for Summer, easy for anyone to pull off, and at this point a true closet staple. The dress pictured below is shown here.


There are many, many white dress options on the market this season, and the dresses linked here are pictured below. Click on the link to view and shop.

  1. Tularosa
  2. J.Crew
  3. Joie
  4. Madewell
  5. Doen
  6. J.Crew

Little White Dress 2016

There are several other LWDs I’ve fallen in love with here, here, here, here, and here. The other great thing about a Little White Dress is that you can use it as a truly clean slate. Start with your dress and layer up! I love to wear mine with a denim vest, or for a preppy twist with a cardigan tied around my waist.

You can pull just about any and every jacket over one of these styles and be ready to transition from a warm summer night to that over-cooled restaurant air. I hope you have a fantastic Friday, and that you’ll weigh in on this Little White Dress phenomenon in the comments below if you’d like!

XX, Megan

Juliette dress available here.


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