Father’s Day (Last Minute) Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide 2016.jpg

Sometimes I’m on my gift giving A game. You know, present at the ready, wrapped neatly and card written. But more often than not I’m that lady racing around Target, the Mall, the Dollar Store for crying out loud! Last minute, searching for the perfect gift for my husband. That’s my reality.

The reality: we live in a world where last minute gifts CAN and DO happen. Yes, it’s Wednesday, friends, and you can still make it happen! In fact, if you’re looking at the Specialized Venge for your baby daddy, I happen to know a SWEET BIKE SHOP you can order it from!!! 😉

Here are some of the gift that the father of my children has loved and enjoyed on various occasions.

  1. Specialized Venge
  2. Fendrihan 3 Piece Shave Set
  3. Ray-ban Clubmaster
  4. Body Shop Hemp Moisturizer
  5. Restored Ski Lift Chair
  6. Everlane Zip Tote

I would love to hear some of the favorite Father’s Day gifts you’ve given to the fathers in your life. Have a remarkable Wednesday, wonderful readers, and Happy Father’s Day to you and yours!

XX, Megan

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