Summertime, Reading List, and News


Well, the heat is on, friends! Seriously, it has been in the 90s here in Mountain Land, and we are MELTING! I feel as though the sunshine, longer days, and way-too-late bedtimes have gone to my head.

Don’t get me wrong– I love summer! Ice cream, swimming pools, lingering sunlight, camping, long bike rides, farmer’s market, dining al fresco, and nights on our back deck under the stars to name a few of my favorites. But for some reason this summer feels as though it has been on steroids! Perhaps this is because my children are getting older and we seem to have an absolute inability to get them into bed at a reasonable hour.

This seems to cause Mom and Dad to stay up even LATER to have some alone time, and then EVERYONE is still slightly tuckered out come morning. It has become a problem cycle. Especially because I’ve been heading out for road rides in the very early morning to avoid the heat!

Not only are the temperatures high, but the heat is also on for me personally as I have accepted a position as a Language Arts Teacher at the High School in our town. This after finding my stride in my post about failure (you can read it HERE). I am over-the-moon about the job, though I will probably have butterflies in my tummy for the rest of the summer in anticipation!!!

That is the breaking news around casa Refined + Rugged. I’ve been busy with a summer reading list (see picture below) that strikingly resembles my High School literature readings. Hint: Seminal works of literature don’t die! They are written with unparalleled prescience, and powerful themes on the human condition that apply regardless of time period.

Alright, getting off of my soap box now. Below are some of the other activities we’ve been up to this summer. We’ve been fortunate to have been fishing, biking, climbing, hiking, gardening, sprinkler hopping, and more! How have you been spending your summer days? I’d love to hear what has kept you going besides the lengthening hours of the day!! 🙂

Whatever you summer consists of, I hope that you are able to enjoy some of life’s sweetness– homemade pies, laughter with friends, a nap in a hammock, grooving to good tunes at a concert venue. And don’t forget, there are few things better than a fruit popsicle when the heat is on!

XX, Megan

DSC_0123 - Version 2My summer reading list. Join me in cruising through some classics before your kids (and I) go back to school! 🙂IMG_5433All smiles at the Weekly Race Series. We have LOVED this event for three summers strong!IMG_5419If you’re looking for a great kids bike like Mr. P’s you can always hit up our local bike shop, Slim  & Knobby’s, online!!

IMG_5506Ripping up some single track at Soldier Hollow.IMG_5514Dinners al fresco almost every night! This is one of my favorite recipes for a Mediterranean 7 Layer Dip. From The Scramble, of course! 😉IMG_5572Wisdom in the bike world. IMG_5764Neon sunrise is a treat for the eyes.IMG_5577Alaska friends!! Check out the engine car on the train at our local burger joint, The Train. Brings back WONDERFUL memories!! Some of our dearest friends still work for the White Pass Yukon Route Railroad. Cheers to another fabulous summer season on the train!IMG_5782Shaved ice, and more shaved ice.IMG_5678Beating the heat with some climbing of the indoor variety. This kid is becoming such a competent climber!!IMG_5771Moonset at sunrise.IMG_5550Fishing at Wasatch Mountian State ParkIMG_5779Local farm sites to oogle.IMG_5746Relaxing with the best of them. We love our daddy! Hammock available from World Market!

Plus, you can check back here tomorrow for another fun, summery, outfit post! ❤

6 thoughts on “Summertime, Reading List, and News

  1. I am so over-the-top happy that you will be educating young minds and bringing that same gift that your mom brought to so many: a love of literature! So so exciting! (By the way, those butterflies during the summer in anticipation of the first day of school never go away!)
    Gorgeous pictures here! The mountains are so green.

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    1. Marilyn, THANK YOU! Thank you for your support and encouragement. For the letter for recommendation. I am very happy to be moving into this career path. It is good to hear and know that the butterflies don’t go away! I will be taking many deep breaths, and focusing on the joy I already have in learning and sharing with others. Thank you for the LOVE!


  2. Congrats! Exciting news for you, your family, AND the future students you will teach. Seriously, they will be so lucky to have a Farnsworth woman as their teacher. There are only a couple teachers I can say helped shape my educational journey and your mom definitely made the list! You will be fabulous at this job!

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    1. Carolyn, thank you! It is so very exciting. I hope to live up to all the kind, encouraging, supportive, and sustaining confidence that so many friends and family have shared with me! Thank you! Here’s to shaping and molding young minds! 🙂


  3. Hahahahaha. Love it. Alfresco has so many meanings – outside, in jail, commando…. But I’m betting you’ve been eating outdoors. Congrats on your new job. You’ll be fabulous!

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    1. LOL! Ah, but perhaps the answer to al fresco is really indulging in ALL THREE! 😉 Thank you for the support and confidence! May I live up to the kind commendation!


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