Cozy Transitions = Spring Sweaters


On Tuesday, I posted a laid-back date night look for my Valentine’s night out featuring a classic cashmere sweater. And last week on Instagram I featured this cozy lace-up sweater from Target’s Who What Wear collection that I styled with leopard flats and ripped skinnies for the perfect after-work ensemble.

Today, in the spirit of seasonal transitions, I’ve shopped some sweaters that are perfect for the Winter to Spring thaw in kissy combinations of red, pink, white, and stripe!! Enjoy! ❤


Linked left to right, top to bottom:

Lightweight wool bow, Side-slit with ties, Striped V-neck, Lace-back window pane jacquard, Tassel pullover, Merino wool cardigan, Tippi with embroidered lips, Lace-back pullover, Textured with anchor buttons, Structured stripe in orange motif, Winter whisper in ivory, Barnemme tiered pullover

Happy Valentine’s Day!





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