Travel Essentials: 9 Carry-On Must Haves


Water Bottle, Sneakers, Snack, Headphones, Breath Freshener, Book, Luggage, Travel Wrap, Face Mist.

This past week I traveled with my mom and sisters, and my sweet Aunt Paula to Chicago! It was such a wonderful trip. My travel companions were the highlight of my trip, but Chicago put on a beautiful show. Seriously, I could rave about Chicago all day. I really didn’t expect to love the city as much as I did.

I don’t have the chance to blog as often as I’d like these days, but one thing I still get a lot of questions about are what my travel essentials are– as in, when I hit the road, what do I grab and go with. Below are nine essentials that carry me through every flight, connection, screening, and after airport transportation. The only thing I’d add to this list is Wet Ones sani-wipes. Essential, if you ask me!

I hope you have a WONDERFUL Friday and an awesome weekend. I’ll be back next week with a What to Wear in the city in the Spring.


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