13 Spring Wardrobe Essentials


1. Chambray. In some form. Whatever form you like best! This is my current favorite!

2. Pattern. Colors of all shapes and sizes (black and white are also big!).

3. Striped tee. Classic. Always. Never fails. (Short sleeved version.)

4. White skinny jeans. Screamin’ spring when you can wear both your white jeans and your babes handprints all day!

5. Trench coat. Everlane calls this the ‘Swing Trench’, and I sorta love that. Makes it sound so chic!

6. Flats. Dress them up. Dress them down. Walk and walk all over town!

7. Slides. Preferably jeweled. Use your internet skilz to track down a version in your price range.

8. THE white shirt. We’re going to talk more about THE white shirt next week, but I LOVE this oversized version by Madewell.

9. Flares. Designed to accentuate any figure– curvy or athletic– you’re sure to look more svelte in these babies.

10. Sneaks. So many options, perfect for the everyday. I love classic vans. Plus perforated leather, a yes!

11. Light, airy tops. Here you can take a look toward summer. Wear under a jean jacket now, and shed the cover come summer.

12. Sweatshirt. I do not discriminate (unless we’re talking fit and cut and texture of said shirt). With words or without, its a win!

13. LGH. Heard of the LGH? Then you heard it here first, folks. Little Gray Handbag. Do it.

(List is ordered L-R, Top to Bottom)

Hello! Happy Monday! The excitement is palpable over here at R+R as I publish my very first collage for ya’ll! And not just any collage, a Spring Essentials breakdown. Wish you had been here last night for the party. We broke out the baby carrots, gummi frogs, and a big glass of water. Keepin’ it classy.

You know, this collage is great, but it’s not a “smart” collage. It’s not a tech-savvy collage where you can click on the pictures to shop. But all the links are embedded in the list above, and that’s what matters. Baby steps. Baby steps.

I also didn’t add accessories, which in real-world dressing is not like me at all. So here are some fun options to fill out this frame. Necklace. Earrings. Bracelet. Watch. There, full array!

I’m going to head out, and try to see if I can piece together a guys version of this pretty Spring list. Stay tuned. And you know, why not sign off with a little song– Monday, monday!!!

Thanks for stopping by!



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