Tradition: Popcorn Sundays


DSC_0013Growing up we often skipped Sunday dinner. Instead we’d sup on popcorn, apples, and other simple eats. This was due to the fact that we’d often eat a large dinner or late lunch. I’m also pretty sure that feeding five kids 21+ times a week also had something to do with this Sunday tradition.

As a parent there are times that I am simply exhausted by food preparation– the getting, the prepping, the making, the eating, the cleaning. It can feel more like “throwing a bone on the table” than a delightful family dinner. This from a woman who sings the benefits and blessings of family dinner every chance she gets.

I didn’t know that this Sunday supping would become a tradition in my own home. Granted, it’s not every Sunday that I reach for a bag of microwave popcorn and leftover fruit and veggies. But this month has allowed me some extended time with the babes at home as our Dad conquers Europe in a single bound (okay two week-long business trips, but still). I have often made it to Sunday Eve with no proper food plan, no desire for takeout, and no ambition to do anything other than throw a popcorn party.

In the simple words of Sheldon Harnick’s Tevye, “TRADITION!”

You know what? It’s been great. Remarkable even. Mommy has had  a moment to breath. Boys have had several indoor picnics. Life sans large dinner has actually felt rather perfect. I’ll leave you to these pictures of my sweet angels sitting rapt in some movie on my Grandmother Dorothy’s quilt. But I’d love to know what relaxing moments you’ve shared with family or friends lately?

What are some of your traditions? They don’t have to surround Sunday dinner, or even meal-time. Are there any traditions that have made your home-life infinitely better? I’d love to hear!

XX, Megan


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