White Out: Banksy





We’d better talk outfit before I get all deep and brooding on you. All-white is just right if you ask me. If you need an instant refresh to ho-hum wardrobe options, step right up and pull out all the white you’ve got. You’ll stand out in a crowd. You’ll feel newly minted in your clothing. You’ll be using the Clorox (or going to get some) if you have kids post white-wear. FRESH.

What you don’t see in this frame are the five other souls waiting to snap a picture with this famous piece of street art. This infamously pseudonymed artist’s graffiti has stirred up no small amount of controversy. Maybe even my outfit photos with this particular picture constitutes raw irony. Decide for yourself by checking out Banksy’s Instagram, and personal website.

If you’re up for a brief discussion of art and culture as perhaps the most critical commentary on society fueled by Banksy’s art and images, stop by tomorrow. I’ll be dipping the toe into more controversial territory.

I am grateful for my friends of ALL stripes, styles, and societal opinions. Have a great Tuesday!

XX, Megan


Blazer: J.Crew (old,Β similar), T-Shirt: Old Navy (similar), Jeans: J.Crew, Heels: Target (similar), Clutch: Old Navy (similar), Sunglasses: Karen Walker ‘Super Duper’, Earrings: Vintage

2 thoughts on “White Out: Banksy

  1. You are one bold woman! I can’t imagine going all white. I have a linen white jacket that I LOVE and have been saving for “when it fits again” which leads me to a question (and perhaps a future post for you???!!!): How do you rotate your wardrobe? When do you get rid of clothes? How many clothes is too many? At what point do you say goodbye to favorites?

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    1. I said this to someone else who was like “Holy! ALL WHITE!” But all you need is a jug of Clorox and you got it covered! I will do a wardrobe rotation post! Keep, sell, give and the like. For moms, the reality that you may have a wardrobe in THREE sizes– before baby (stuff you still hold on to because, someday…), beginning of pregnancy (sometimes this stuff doubles as post baby wear,too), maternity wear, and THEN items that are reality wear after kiddos. Oy! Too many clothes! Too many sizes, and somehow the strangest mush-mesh! At least that’s how it was for me. (And that doesn’t even count bras, SOOO many different sizes of brazier!!! Lol.) Anyway, I say keep the white jacket if you live it. It will fit again. And I’ll talk purging and keeping over here soon!! As always, thanks for your comments! Love!


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