Golf, Anyone?

DSC_0096 DSC_0099 DSC_0117 So here’s the thing. I don’t play golf and I probably never will. Now when I say “I don’t play and I never will” this does not mean that A) I haven’t played golf or B) that I will never shank a ball on a golf course again. Because… why not?!?

This is the final Palm Springs outfit post, and spoiler alert: These photos were NOT taken in Palm Springs. They were taken at a golf course in our beautiful mountains in anticipation of my vacation!!! When I say that I don’t play golf, I mean that I don’t play golf well. I play golf like I bowl, very poorly, with the worst score possible, with the worst form possible, with the most uncaring airs.

So when we sat at the concierge’s desk and asked about playing golf at LaQuinta, you can bet that I was basically laughing internally the entire time! Don’t get me wrong. I’m down for any adventure. Even a golf adventure, and Mel had really wanted to play. But the more the concierge spoke about the merits of the course, the famous people who had played there, and the fact that they only had 18 hole courses. (9 holes, anyone?) We about-faced from our desire to play golf.

Now hear this, I am sure that MANY of you play golf. Many of you lovely readers probably play it well. I am glad. I am glad that you love the sport, and I am glad that you relish the experience. If you ever want to take an over-dressed caddy along with you on your round, give me a shout out :)!

Golf anyone?

XX, Megan DSC_0119 DSC_0122

Shirt: Gap, Short: J.Crew (old, similar), Shoes: SperryΒ (or here), Clutch: J.Crew Factory, Necklace: J.Crew (old, similar)

3 thoughts on “Golf, Anyone?

    1. LOL! Should have gotten that shot! πŸ˜‰ Do you play golf? I know you are a tennis player, and my skill for that sport is equally laughable. You’d fit right in with the resort crowd, however. They were all out there with their tennis coaches and tennis partners bapping the balls around and looking cool. Maybe I can get a tennis lesson from you next time we’re in town!


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