Pope Watch Father’s Day + 100 Posts


Today I am celebrating 100 posts here on Refined + Rugged. WooHoooo!! Party, Confetti, Dancing, Celebration, Cake, Smiles. These are all the emoji I would attach to this event 🙂

I want to thank you all for reading, following, commenting, sharing, liking, supporting, and just being awesome friends and readers all-around. THANK YOU! Thank you very much!

As a special thanks to Rugged + Refined readers, I am attaching a discount code for the gorgeous watch above from Pope Watch Co. The code, good for $150.00 off the purchase of a watch is: rrfathers150. Good through Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21, again, you will receive $150.00 off the purchase price of a watch at checkout.

You can redeem your coupon code HERE, at the Pope Watch Co. site. Just put rrfathers150 into the coupon box at checkout. Do you know any Rugged or Refined Father’s you’d like to gift something special to this Father’s Day? This is the perfect gift for that special man in your life– Husband, Partner, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother, Friend!


Let me back up a little bit and give you a bit of Pope Watch Co. history, i.e. allow me to brag for a moment. Ahem.

Pope was started in 2013 by my husband, Perry. He worked with a watchmaker in Switzerland who aligned with his design and manufacturing vision. He designed every detail of P-70 himself. He had a cad team draft the 3-D specs, did all of the advertising and marketing for the watch up front, and Kickstarted the project successfully that same year! (Many of you supported and enable the success of that endeavor and we are grateful and thankful still!)

The P-70 is aviation inspired taking design cues from WWII era bombers and pilot garb. The watch is classic, with a large face, wide leather band, and timeless styling. The band features perforated leather and an awesome pinch clasp unlike any I’ve ever seen. I have featured the watch on my blog several times: herehere, here, here. Not because my husband is the designer and creator, not because I wanted to simply promote his company, but because I LOVE THE WATCH.

The P-70 is one of my daily watch wears. I think it looks just as incredible on a female as it does on a male. I wear the black perforated strap and the styling and quality truly set it apart from other watches!


If you don’t gift one of these for Father’s Day, maybe consider purchasing a P-70 for yourself! 😉 No shame in incorporating masculine styling and design into your wardrobe!

Pope Watch Co. Coupon Code: rrfathers150 

XX, Megan

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One thought on “Pope Watch Father’s Day + 100 Posts

  1. I am genuinely sad that none of the most important men in my life (the Beardocrat, Big Steve, Jason) are watch people because I’ve always like the look of the P-70. I would buy it for them in a heartbeat. I wonder if David is too young for fancy watches? 😉


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