Wild West Bakery


How appropriate that we find ourselves in Wyoming today on our road trip. Forever West, as their welcome signs proclaims. Today we’re sharing a Kiwi Crate project we rolled out last week– a decorate-it-yourself baker’s hat and apron.

We’ve had this crate for a while because I try to stretch out the activities through the month. The kids really enjoyed the decorating process. Better yet, THEY suggested that we use our baker’s apparel to start a bakery complete with a cash register, Hostess Zingers, water, and an Open/Closed sign, of course!

I give you the Wild West Bakery!!!!! I hope you have an awesome Friday and a wonderful weekend.

XX, Megan










2 thoughts on “Wild West Bakery

    1. Oh my friend! I know you do. However, this particular bakery’s selection could have used some improvement. I blame myself for not having more hot dog donuts on hand for these aspiring caps to sell! LOL! Thank you for commenting. I always enjoy your perspective!


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