Quick N Spicy Cucumbers


I used these cucumbers to top the Thai Turkey Burgers I posted last week. The combination is absolutely DYNAMITE! The truth is, these quick cucs are so good you can simply eat them plain if you’d like!


XX, Megan

Spicy Cucumbers

1 english cucumber (sliced wafer thin)

3/4 C. rice wine vinegar (sometimes I do like, 3/4 rice wine vinegar and 1/4 water, or all vinegar is fine too, you decide)

1- 2 red thai chilis

Pinch of salt and

Pinch of sugar to taste (about 1/2 or 1 tsp. of each or so)

Place in the fridge for an hour, or longer if you want more Β flavor.



2 thoughts on “Quick N Spicy Cucumbers

    1. I also have to admit that our Himalayan Pink Salt has a broken crusher, cruncher, the thing that squishes the salt and makes it fine-grained and delightful. So I struggle with our salt because it is difficult to use! These cucumbers, tho. Do you like cucumbers? I really loved these as a side!


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