September Sessions: Let’s Sweat


Well, this is it friends, the final day of August. I can’t figure out if it is a being-old thing, a being-a-mom syndrome, or just plain reality that summertime literally FLEW by!

We had one of the most wonderful summers on record. You may have already seen my post about our Epic Road Trip, here, or checked out my Fall Style Mash Up, here. You may have already read about the blessed opportunity we had to ride horses all summer, and I’m working on a post about how much this summer meant to us, so more on that later.

How was your summer?

For me, summer also meant taking time to indulge. Maybe a little TOO much in the food department. And while I don’t regret even ONE of my chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup milk shakes. I AM seeing the results of my laissez-fair attitude toward food– and rich food, and treats, and drinks– NOW. On the scale.

In that vein I bring you the September Sessions. Opportunities to have a good long SWEAT. In fact, we can do it together. Virtually. Come sweat alongside me as I re-lose some of what I’ve gained. I’ll miss those chocolate Reese’s peanut butter cup shakes, but I won’t miss that little tire creeping up around my middle. I’ll miss the anytime snack times, but I won’t miss those flappy arm backs. I’ll miss sugary drinks and sweet bites, but I won’t miss tight pants or button fights.

I’ll be posting a weekly spin workout, and coming at you with lots of other workout tips and tricks. Well… are there really any tricks? The trick is to get up, get out there, and do the work. Like that picture of the hand penned sign at my local gym. Stop Wishing. Start Doing.

NOTE: This is advice from me and from my experience. None of this is directly linked to (but definitely based on) medical or professional opinion, so before you begin this or any other workout program, speak with your physician! This week’s workout BELOW!!!


Today’s workout is an exercise in CONTRAST. Heavy hills and high cadence “descents”.

So strap on those spin shoes (or cinch your tennis shoes down), and come with me!

First, the profile. You’re going to be going from one of your hardest resistance levels, down to a much easier, much faster resistance/cadence. You’re time split will look like this: 3 minutes on heavy resistance (as if you are climbing a hill), followed by 2 minutes of light resistance (as if you are on a true flat and really pumping out the speed).

When we talk about heavy resistance if you imagine you have a sliding scale of resistance 1-10 available on a standard spin bike. 1 being your easiest “gear” and 10 being your hardest “gear”. So in this profile you need to choose two totally contrasting levels of resistance. You need a solid 8 or a 9 (those will be the hills, friends), and you need a 3 or a 4 (this will act as your “descent” or for this workout you can feel for a true flat because you should still feel some resistance against your fly wheel even when you hit those two minute “descents”)


Warm-up: No gear for 3 minutes, add 1 gear for sprints 30 on 30 off for 4 minutes, add one gear every 45 seconds for 4 minutes. Take all of your gear off for 1 minute, then find that first hill!

3 minutes: 8-9 Heavy Hill Climb

2 minutes: 3-4 A “descent” or a true flat, find that speed, that high cadence. But make sure that you are not rocking around or flopping in your saddle. This will be a sign that you DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH RESISTANCE on your wheel.

Repeat this 2 more times. THEN…

5 minutes: 8-9 Heavy Hill Climb

2 minutes: 3-4 High Cadence “Descent”

Repeat this 1 time. THEN…

Repeat those 3 minute hills and 2 minute descents 3 MORE TIMES.

Cool Down.

This workout should last just over an hour. An hour of true ride time plus about 10 minute warm-up and 10 minute cool down. Feel free to tweak and tune for the time and the ride YOU NEED!

I like to do a spin work-out two to three times a week.

XX, Megan

P.S. Next week we’ll talk about this monster (pictured below). The stair climber. Such an unassuming machine. Some folks may even see it as old fashioned. But will give you a killer workout, no sweat spared! See you next Monday!!!!


2 thoughts on “September Sessions: Let’s Sweat

  1. I also indulged this summer. 😦 My IT Band injury notwithstanding, I totally fell off the wagon! I started this month attempting the Insanity workout, but sadly, too much. So I am back to my old videos for four weeks, the attempt Insanity again. I am looking forward to the end of breastfeeding (in theory end of October?) so I can manage my diet the way I’d like to! Read, pyruvate!

    PS– I LOVE the stairclimber, and one of the reasons I gave up my gym membership here. No stairclimber.


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