Outtakes: Saying Goodbye to Summer






This summer was not AT ALL what I expected it to be. We had plans to hit up Glacier National Park (still on the list for a future summer adventure!). We had intentions of making it to California to see my sisters which has been a summer ritual for a few years. My boys both love the seeing their cousins and LOVE spending time at the beach.

We had plans to head back to my husband’s home state– Oregon– to see friends there and maybe catch a Ducks game. None of these things happened.

Instead, the Great Middle American Road Trip happened. You can read about it here. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. Thousands of miles spent crossing America’s breadbasket and back was a really incredible feat. I will never forget seeing my boys smile and laugh with my Grandfather, or listening for the hum of Cicadas, or watching the sun set over the endless fields.

My Very Merry Unbirthday happened. An epic surprise party thrown by my husband where all these amazing people showed up in my backyard. We talked, and laughed, and listened to great music. We ate, and laughed some more. The children played on around us. It got late. It was SUCH a wonderful time, moment, party!!!

Bug hunting happened. Camping commenced. A large overgrown bush at the end of our street became the club house, the science lab, the play place. Bike rides rolled out. Lotoja was conquered. Sunsets were ogled. Farmer’s Market was a favorite.

The other miracle of this summer was spending time with our two sweet little girl friends weekly. There was something so precious in that time spent together. Partially because my life is so saturated with the boy kingdom, partially because it brought the perfect change of pace, partially because we got to spend time with them riding horses and soaking in farm vibes with their grandparents. I hope that I NEVER forget those sweet moments.






https://www.youtube.com/embed/TaXQUCm1L-A” target=”_blank”>

There are some things I simply can’t put a finger on in the goodness that was this summer. For me, it was learning an added measure of patience when life does not go the way you had planned. Patience when things seem to be left hanging and changing and then hanging again.

I’m the first to admit that I struggle with change. I like stasis. I like familiarity. I like routine. Maybe many or most of us do like those things, but I have family and friends who seem aptly equipped to change and refresh and morph whenever life requires it!

Routine can be stifling. Familiarity can be dull. Stasis can deaden. This summer required ME to reexamine some of those long-held beliefs, values, and security blankets. It was fresh, and it was sustaining all at once.

It required me to take a look inward and ask myself to let time pass, let questions go unanswered. I was able allow life to unfold before me without pushing and prodding it to give up its mysteries. And while this summer we spent most of our time at home, which is a change from some of our previous summers. In the end after all was said and done, it was ever. so. good.

So let this be my goodbye to summer. To the slip-n-slide days and the Science Fridays. To the horseback rides, and the flies dancing over the trampoline.

Goodbye to the long sunlight that seemed to glance forever at our life. That gave us every opportunity to suck down popsicles, shaved ice, and milk shake after milk shake.  Goodbye to the evening barbecues that stretched until the bubble of the day’s heat popped, and the cool mountain air descended for the night.

Goodbye to nights spent stargazing and ogling the moon’s surface with our little telescope. Goodbye to sticky skin and sugar stained smiles. Goodbye to gauzy dresses and swimsuits. Goodbye to temperate bike rides and mountain bike races. I will miss you.


XX, Megan


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