Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Knits, Jeans, Shoes 2

Let’s pretend, for imagination’s sake, that I have an inspiration board at home. I don’t. But I love seeing others’ inspiration boards. Plus, isn’t that the general idea of Pinterest. I’ve gathered some knits, jeans, and footwear I’ve been eyeing these week here on my internet mood board.

Speaking of Pinterest, I have also added all of these lovely pieces to my Transitions– Winter to Spring 2016 board! I’ve linked it here on the page, and you can click the widget on my sidebar to be directed to my Pinterest page as well. So if you find it easier to look through your style inspiration there, right on!

I’m feeling all things knitted these days. Yes, it’s the cold temps. Yes, it’s my obsession with wool. (Pure cotton is wonderful, too.) Yes, it’s the way they lie against your skin and against a great pair of jeans.

The reality of these looks is that I’d love to take them all out for a spin!!! Happy Friday!

XX, Megan

Links Left to Right, Top to Bottom

1. Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater

2. Emma Legging Jeans in Black

3. Sway II Pointy Toe Pump

4. Handknit Cozy Turtleneck Sweater

5. Flea Market Flares

6. Jaeger Booties

7. Back-zip Sweater in Cable Stripe

8. Demi Boot Jeans in Essex Wash

9.  The Modern Point Loafer

10. Chunky Wool Wide Crew Neck

11. Slim Boy Jeans

12. Italian Ankle Wrap Sandal 

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