Adventures in Personal Shopping

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Today I’m excited to share more about my first Personal Shopping experience! First I wanted to share with you some of my tried and true tips on shopping. I gave a few of these to Melissa, my very first personal shopping client on the day we shopped together.

I have used these techniques again and again in my own wardrobe. You don’t need a personal shopper or stylist to become an expert on the looks and styles you like the most and that suit your body type.

Here are my tips:

1. Seek Inspiration

When thinking about your wardrobe and items you might need, want, or enjoy adding do you draw a complete blank? If so, look for inspiration. Look at fashion magazines, stalk people whose style you admire, or pull up your favorite blog, Refined + Rugged! 😉

There are loads of people who are thinking, writing, and creating outfits that you can draw direction from. So if styling doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay! Seek outside sources for ideas.

2. Clean Out Your Closet

This has helped me SOOOO much. I wrote an article last year about my process, here. I really try to stay on top of my clothing, making sure to purge items that I haven’t worn. I just said hello (meaning I pulled them out of storage), and goodbye (meaning I donated them) to three argyle sweaters I’d had since college. 

Now don’t mistake. It doesn’t matter the AGE of an item of clothing. I’ve said before that I have pieces in my wardrobe that have been there since high school (okay I can think of two off hand). But I STILL wear them, they still work in my wardrobe. They are still stylish and on point!

The idea is  that whether you do a yearly purge, or you are constantly editing your wardrobe you don’t let your clothes get OUT OF CONTROL. Creating a capsule wardrobe is an EVEN BETTER way to minimize clothes and clutter. 

3. Shop Smart

Once you have cleaned out your closet, you probably have a better picture of what you HAVE that you love, and maybe some of the needs your wardrobe presents. Now we need to shop smart. I am talking about allocating your dollars in the most effective and efficient manner.

Save money on trendy pieces– the fashion of the moment– like of-the-moment prints or exaggerated cuts. Spend a little more money on investment pieces– stylish classics that can last you a lifetime– like handbags, coats, or boots.

4. Take Your Goals and Lifestyle Into Consideration

My client, Melissa, is a high school student who will be going off to college next year. She knew that she wanted to add some fun, classic pieces to her wardrobe, but she certainly didn’t need to take her shopping picks too formal, or business oriented.

Look a little bit ahead. Are you going to be moving into the professional world in the next six months? Begin to look at suits and work separates. Are you going to join a gym? Maybe you need to add some workout attire to your closet. 

5. Clothing Size Doesn’t Matter

Read: NO ONE CAN SEE THE TAG ON YOUR CLOTHING WHEN YOU ARE WALKING DOWN THE STREET!!! It is more important to look and feel good in your clothes than to worry about their size. Enough said.

6. Ask For Help

Here’s where I come in! If you are struggling to figure out any of this– what you need, what to buy, what looks good on you, what you are missing from your wardrobe– reach out to someone you know and trust. Someone who you see as stylish and pulled together. 

Again, this person doesn’t have to be a personal shopper, or a style blogger, or anyone in the fashion industry. Ask someone you think looks great every day. Set a date, and shop together!!!

7. Stock Up On Accessories

Melissa picked out a beautiful pearl necklace to compliment her outfit choices. Her choice of pearls was both stylish and classic. I can almost guarantee that she will be wearing her necklace for years to come.

8. Trust YOUR Instincts

In the end, the clothing pieces you choose and the accessories you select are going to be worn by who? YOU! You need to trust your gut. It doesn’t matter if your hipster friends really love that beanie, or you mom really likes the cut of those jeans. If YOU don’t like them in reality YOU probably won’t wear them.

You need to like each piece that you purchase because you are going to be the one wearing it. If you don’t love it. Don’t buy it. Period.

Here’s the rest of the story:

Sometime in November a good friend of mine stopped by to say Hi. We did the usual catch up, and just before she left she asked, “How’s your blog?” I told her I was still going strong, posting five days a week and loving it.

Then she asked, “Do you ever go shopping with anyone? Like as a personal stylist?”

My quick answer was no, that I hadn’t. But to be honest, I have always given input here and there to family and friends with shopping questions: “What dress should I wear for family pictures?” “Would you wear jeans with this top, or leggings?” “Are flares really making a comeback?”

Before we knew it, I was set to go shopping with her daughter Melissa as part of Melissa’s Christmas present. I was stoked! I was also a little nervous. Melissa would be my first real Personal Shopping client. I wanted everything to roll out perfectly.

The day came and she and her mom came to my house. I found out that Melissa hadn’t known until she got in the car that morning what the big surprise would be. Her mom had simply said, “We’re going to Park City in the morning.” When they got into the car she handed her a card filled with cash and the fact that she’d be shopping with me that day.

I have to say up front that this was one of the best days shopping I’ve ever had! Melissa and I had the best time together. As you can see from her pictures, she is a beautiful young woman. But she is also funny, intelligent, athletic, and loads of fun to be around. She also had a very clear idea of what she was looking for.

Melissa was very specific in the things she liked and the things she didn’t. This made my job way more simple simple. We walked through a couple stores just perusing to see some of the things she liked and some of the things she didn’t.

In the end, we walked into J.Crew and walked out with not one, not two, but three perfect outfits. We literally did a clean sweep of the floor. Pulled the items she liked together. She went to the dressing room, and the rest is history. It was AWESOME!!!!

Below are the three outfits Melissa and I put together. She looks amazing. Everything she purchased was on sale, so she didn’t break the bank by any stretch. A huge thank you to Melissa and her mom for giving me the opportunity to test out my Personal Shopping savvy!

The details to her pieces are linked after the pictures. Have a great Friday and a stupendous weekend!!!

XX, MeganDSC_0123DSC_0126DSC_0134

Shop Melissa’s Picks:

Outfit 1: Sweater, Shirt, Jeans, Boots

Outfit 2: Shirt, Jeans, Necklace, Flats

Outfit 3: Dress, Necklace, Flats


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