Packing for Sunshine and 70s

Packing for a Getaway

After all of my talk about embracing winter and loving all of this white stuff, we are getting away this weekend to warmer weather!

I have been telling myself this is ONLY because we will be able to ride our bikes outdoors for long distances, but who am I kidding? I am really excited to see 70 + degrees!

Are any of you scheduled to take a hiatus with your Valentine to a sunny destination, trading in the polar vortex for sunny and 70, 80, 90?!? I’ve put together a little getaway packing list with some warm weather wear for your tropical, desert, or beach destination!!!

One of the easiest ways to pack is to pick a simple color palate. In this case the MOST SIMPLE– black and white– and then add fun accessories. Tassel earrings, colorful sandals, beaded necklaces, and dressed up handbags!

You don’t have to settle on black and white by any stretch. Go for blues, and mix up all of your denim. Shoot for pink, and then accessorize in neutrals. Any combination that makes your eye happy will do.

Links below from left to right clockwise. Happy Sunny Monday!

XX, Megan

Earrings, Clutch, Gladiator Sandals, Backpack, Button-up Shirt, Sunglasses, Off-the-shoulder Shirt, Necklace, High-Heel Sandals, Swimsuit, Lip Stain, Black Dress, Cut-off shorts

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