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Next week I’m headed on hiatus to AZ– Arizona. A little sun, a little pool time, a little cactus viewing is just what this mama needs to recharge her batteries! I put together an abbreviated Sunshine and Seventies Getaway Packing List back in February.

With my trip now days away, I wanted to put together a real-time guide for those essentials I’ll actually be packing. You can see the entire list of items below. Then browse some fun outfit combos I’m planning to wear!

Happy Friday!!!!

XX, Megan

The pieces I’m packing: white blouse, black blouse, striped tee, denim skirt, eyelet shorts, overall shorts, little white dress, practical sandals, easy espadrilles, travel sweatshirt, two pair of sunnies (here and here), panama hat, swimwear.

Add to that my small attache of travel beauty products, my underwear, and a good book and I’m OFF!!!

Perfect Purse Pairings

First things first, choose your carry on, and the purse you are going to need when you arrive! I love this tote from Madewell. It’s minimal design is both chic and utilitarian.

This saddle bag stands the test of every outfit. My favorite cross-body pairs perfectly with everything from dresses to skirts, from frayed shorts to flared denim. I love it!

Travel Day

Fly away! An easy tee shirt, walkable shoes, and an on-trend skirt will keep me comfortable while traveling. Don’t forget a shirt or jacket for the unpredictable airplane cabin weather 😉


It never fails. I arrive at the resort and the first place I head is the pool! I might as well get my Vitamin D recharge going immediately!

Dinner Dress-ups

It is nice to dress down on vacation. To just throw on a coverup and some flip flops and call it good. But it’s also fun to bring something that you can dress up in. This LWD fits the bill perfectly!

Shopping Excursions

Without a doubt there will be shopping involved. Hit the shops in something cute and pulled together. I can’t hide my love for the overall trend. Casual with a tom-boy twist. I love it.

Drinks in Town

I have been know to get to my hotel or resort on these mini-vacays and roost! As in, I don’t leave the area for much of anything. Drinks at the pool. Dinners on site. But sometimes it’s fun to explore the area you’re in (depending on the amount of total down-time you need!)

Home Again, Home Again

That’s a wrap! Until next year, that is! It won’t really matter that you smell of sunshine and sunscreen. Throw on your most comfortable outfit and head home.


7 thoughts on “In The Bag

  1. See! Thise bags are incredible. They never wear out.

    This bag is similar to the one I wanted:

    It would be nice to have, but I’d rather put the money to a new road bike.

    I haven’t checked on eBay. I’d be nervous about getting a fake. I know alot if the high end stuff on there usually isn’t real. But it’s okay, I don’t by leather any more (even though this bag tempts me to break that rule) so I’ll survive.

    As far as editing, I’ve found I’m just not great at typing on the phone. And now that I have my blog where I’m blogging about musicians that are actually reading my posts and engaging with me I feel pretty stupid when I see basic mistakes. But such is life I suppose.

    Hope your ride went well this morning. My front wheel needs to be trued after my last accident. I figure I’ve got two choices, go out in the garage and spend 15 minutes to true it myself, or declare it a lost cause and just get a new bike :). I like the second option, but because of a very long story I’m not working but instead I an getting paid through LTD insurance so my income is 2/3rds of what it was. So I really shouldn’t just decide I need a new bike until I’m back making enough money that frivolous things are again affordable.

    Oh yeah I not only make stupid typing mistakes but as evidenced above, I ramble 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Double like! As evidenced by all of my posts, I RAMBLE!!! 🙂 Bikes are hard, because they can be pricey. True that wheel and then wait for your dream ride!!!

      Today’s ride was AWESOME! Fun and fast and not too much wind! I should take your vow of leather NEVER. That bag is gorgeous, and I feel as though saffiano leather has a pretty long lifespan.

      I love that you are blogging and writing. It’s wonderful!! As in the beginning, ramble on!!!


      1. It is an incredible bag and when I held it is person it had that soft yet durable feel, that premium quality that proves you are paying for more than just for the name. Although, I think as bags go, the timbuk2 ones are much more versatile. I can pack it up with lunch sling it over my back for a 75 mile bike ride, get it covered in mud and full of random cool rocks I find, wipe it off and take with me for a night on the town. The perfect, durable, versatile man purse. The Armani bag, besides being sexy, is limited in what I’d be willing to use it for.

        My no leather policy is really more of a personal thing for me relates to my being a vegetation. Luckily I used to collect clearance shoes so I have a closet full of Steve Maddens and Kenneth Coles. I’m not one to wear running or tennis shoes unless I am running or playing tennis, so I nice pair of so-called “dress shoes” are my go to shoes to pair with jeans, whether going to the gas station or to Grand America for brunch. So I had like 30 pairs of leather shoes. Many of them are in need of a cobbler, or have been eaten by puppies, so I’m the market for shoes. Luckily the market for vegan shoes has gone from a niche thing and is finding its way into the high end 🙂

        And yes, I am going to true the tire and go for a ride tomorrow, but that won’t stop me from lusting after things like carbon fiber and extreme lightness. Or that rubbery smell of the bike shop. That’s my version of your lighting stores. 🙂

        I actually have an excellent bike with several carbon fiber components but I bought it before I discovered bow much I loved cycling, so I got it with regular handle bars instead of dropped ones. I’ve regretted that ever since but seeing how 1,200 bike bought on clearance is non refundable I make do. And it is an excellent and weight bike. 100% road bike attached dumb handlebars.

        Well having rambled enough I’m to end this. But first, have you checked out It’s owned by Amazon and has incredible deals on all sorts of designer products.

        Anyhow, hope you are having a pleasant Sunday 🙂


  2. I really wish I could edit my comments, I usually find at least one error after I post them. Maybe instead of wanting to edit them I should just not read them after they post, thus remaining blissfully unaware of how poorly educated I look ;-P

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  3. I once fell in love with an $1100 Armani messenger bag in Las Vegas. I tried win enough money to buy it, but alas, what I wanted in Vegas stayed in Vegas. I did win enough an Armani Exchange jacket at the outlet store but it just couldn’t fill the hole in my heart left by the bag 😦

    Now I mostly go with timbuk2 because I am impressed with their looks, durability, and price. I have a range from a small full on man purse up to something you’d use as a carry on on a flight. Very good brand, if your not familiar you should check them out. :). They might be more suited for Perry than you because they kind of have a more masculine look. But check them out. Best messenger bags I’ve had, had them for years and they all look pristine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, many things!! First, you never need worry about edits. Well… unless Mrs. Farnsworth reads your comments!!! Lol. Let’s just say I’ve even received edits in the form of text messages. You know, helpful tips about how to correct my mistakes!!!!

      Second, do you still own the jacket? Have you ever looked into finding “the bag” on eBay? I love the story of the bag that wasn’t!

      Third, I LOVE Timbuktu products! And here I have a story of my own. Last week I went to Barre class with a friend. I brought my Timbuktu. This bag is my forever gym bag.


    2. Continuing my tale. This Timbuktu is at least eight years old. It has had thousands of usage miles. It was at one point a diaper bag, a lunch tote, a school bag, and now serves as my trusty gym bag. Meaning it accompanies me daily! Said friend from Barre class asked me where I got my bag, was it new? NEW! Great product when you can use it for eight years and still be asked if it is new!!!!!


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