Swim, Swam, Swum

Product_GMP10152_Image_1Image via Gray Malin, shop his prints here.

Coming to you from the Arizona dessert, I am excited share some of my favorite swim suit and beach towel picks with all you wonderful Refined + Rugged readers!

Not only that, but how fun, whimsical, and fancy free are these shots by photographer Gray Malin? Malin is probably most famous for his aerial shots of beach-goers around the world. Like this scene from Bondi Beach, Australia, below. (Available for order here.)Bondi_Beach_7Image via Gray Malin

Swim, swam, swum. Let’s talk irregular verbs, shall we? Many people will insist that there is no such word as swum, but they are not correct.

Swim, swam, swum, similar to shrink, shrank, shrunk; begin, began, begun; drink, drank, drunk; sink, sank, sunk; and a joins handful of other irregular verbs. So grab your swim suit and run to the beach where your Grandmother has swum in since she was seven.

White Halter TopGraphic Black and White, Polka Dot One-Piece, Maillot, Floral Wetsuit, Black Strapless, Colorful Stripe Two-Piece, Mesh Black Bikini, Red White and Blue Striped Bikini

Swim 2016

mirage_1Image via Gray Malin

Beach Towel II

Seashell Circle Towel, Turkish Towel, Sun Rays, Paisley Paradise, Pendelton Bright River Jacquard, Aztec Round Turkish Towel, Oceanic Circle Towel, Mara Hoffman x Pendelton

If you need some beach towel reading here is an interesting L.A. Times article about Gray Malin. I’m reading a touching true story by Dianne Rehm, On My Own, about her husbands decision to end his life after battling Parkinson’s.

What are you reading lately? Any recommendations? I am ALWAYS looking for good books, new or old! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

XX, MeganProduct_GMP11330_Image_1Image via Gray Malin

2 thoughts on “Swim, Swam, Swum

  1. Mind. Blown. I consider myself a reasonbly intelligent and reasonably well educated person, and I event spent two years swimming several times a week and talking with swimmers. I would never have guessed that “swum” is a real word. I can’t wait to use it!

    I really like Sun rays towel. And paisley paradise. My beach towel is generally whatever I find first in the closet 🙂

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