My Beach Bag Essentials

Beach Bag Essentials 2016Pouch, Hat, Aloe, Body Oil, Spritz, Lip Balm, Sunscreen, Water Bottle, SunglassesBronzer

When headed to the beach, especially with kids, it’s important to keep your stuff to a minimum. Well, mostly to a minimum, because it is also important that you carry the all the essentials with you so that you won’t have to pack up and leave the moment your people get thirsty, hungry, or have some extended time in the sunshine.

So the first tip I can offer you when it comes to beach days is to bring an oversized bag. Let’s be honest, this bag can also double as an everyday adventure keeper if you’re headed to the mountains, lake, skate park, etc.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Above is a collection of some of the actual items in my beach bag. We are all fair-skinned in this family, so sunscreen is a must. I always bring a hat and sunglasses to beat the rays, and I always carry plenty of water. A bottle for each of us, if we’re keeping tabs.

I’ve also found that packing cards, money, or your entire wallet and other valuables in a pouch or a clutch is very practical. That way you can pull them out of the never-ending recesses of your bag more easily, and hit up that street vendor for an icee!

My all-time favorite day bag is this weekender from Baggu. Yes, it’s true, it’s takes a weekender to hold our daytime activity gear, but this particular canvas beauty is sturdy, wicks sand, and can hold everything.WKB2_BLCK_0000_01_PROD_0000_ce4fe2a0-d8fa-4541-953e-8feafa7b8afe_1024x1024Then you are going to need to remember towels. You can shop a variety HERE in my post from my trip Scottsdale, AZ. These are still some of my very favorites.

Beach Towel 2016

Whether you are hitting the beach this fine  Friday, settling in for some good family time, headed out on a date with your love, or exploring another piece of this beautiful globe, I hope you have a glorious weekend!!!

XX, Megan

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