Four Eyes, New Glasses


Oh yes, friends, it’s Friday! I have really enjoyed publishing theses posts each week because it means that the weekend is always in sight! Speaking of sight, how do you like my new specs? I decided to go with Warby Parker’s Blair.

Simple, a little bit classic, a little bit funky, they are working for me. I’ve linked the glasses below, along with this outfit which is also working for me as we are finally experiencing a mini-winter. This week it actually snowed, twice!



Glasses, Sweater, Hat, Jeans, Shoes (in the collage)Shoes (in my outfit)

On of my biggest triumphs in terms of my No New Things Challenge this week has been that I feel like I frequent online shopping sites a lot less. When I set out on this challenge, I unsubscribed from updates to these sites so that I wasn’t constantly barraged by email that would tempt me to buy, buy, buy.

I write that last line with an itch to hop over to one now and just peruse. But another goodness of this challenge is the fact that I have been able to really look at my closet and come up with wonderful remixes, repeats, and even some never-before worn combinations. I will have a post about this idea of shopping your closet at some point soon. It has been so worth it for me, thus far, and I expect that this will continue.

I’d also love to know if any of you have or are doing similar things with your spending? Have any of you done a shopping fast? What were your results? Have any of you begun shopping for more responsibly made items? What prompted your switch? In short, I’d love to hear about any of your experiences in this vein. I hope you all have a fantastic day, and that your weekend is filled with those you love most!

XX, Megan


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